Best Wine Clubs Online

So you think that you know a lot about wine? Ok, you can taste the difference between a merlot and a cab without knowing which one is in which sample glass. Ok, you know that all wines that undergo a second fermentation are sparkling wines and that only those sparkling wines from Champagne, France can be called champagne. Well, here’s a question for you… are you enrolled in an online wine club? Ah ha! If the answer is no, then it is time to take your wine education to a higher level! tesco wine delivery

Why are wine clubs so special? Do you just get one bottle of wine a month? Why can’t I just go to the local wine store and pick up a bottle there? Let’s start with the first question. Wine clubs are special because they allow you to taste the best of the best! Most online wine merchants have panels of wine experts that spend a lot of time looking for and tasting the wines that are offered to wine club members. On the next question, it depends on the wine club, but common practice is that you receive at least two bottles of wine a month! Finally, it’s better to join a wine club online because the wine is delivered to your house and you do not have to waste time walking around wine stores aimlessly.

On to the good stuff… which online wine club should you join? Since is the largest online wine merchant, they are a good place to start! I am a member of their “Build Your Cellar” club and have been able to taste wines such as Samuel’s Gorge 2004 Shiraz, which rates at 94 points! If you did not understand one word that I just said, you can join their “Discovery Tour” club for beginners and you even get to choose if you would like two red wines or one white and one red per month.

The Wine Messenger’s “Wine of the Month” club lets you choose between a Silver, Gold or Platinum membership and their Wine Discovery Membership gives you a discount off of every order that you enter! If you want to concentrate on specific regions, join one of the clubs at Morrrell Wine. You can get not one, not two, but three bottles a month from the American/Australian/New Zealand club or from the Italian club. I just joined the American Australian club and I cannot wait for my first shipment!

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